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An animation of a woman meditating.

Meditation and Creativity with Dr Nadine Cameron and SnowBorne

27 April - 25 May 2024

In the Centre for Creativity

Explore a state of creative awareness, the self and reality in this series of meditative, interactive events with Dr Nadine Cameron and musician SnowBorne (David Rosa).

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

Meditative Storytelling

Saturday 27 April 

Sometimes language is authoritative, and sometimes pragmatic. Occasionally it can beguile. Stories themselves can do more than lead us to predictable and safe conclusions. They can open us to the wonder and also ambiguity of phenomena. Meditative Stories takes participants on unlikely journeys drawing on the hypnotic power of language in all its facets.


Meditation and Sound

Saturday 25 May 

There are sounds around us at nearly every waking moment. Some instantly soothe, and others are highly provocative. This workshop will consider the effects that deep listening to types of noise – including different kinds of music, and atmospheric and manufactured sounds – can have on our mood and thoughts, and how the associations and pre-existing concepts we bring to listening can impact what we hear. Ultimately, it will help answer: how do we obtain the most from sounds we love and develop new relationships with those we find more difficult?

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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