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Arts Assist Ticket and Travel Subsidy Program

Sydney Opera House is committed to providing the very best national and international performing arts experiences to NSW students as part of their educational studies. 

The Sydney Opera House Arts Assist program provides the full cost of the Creative Learning performance ticket and $5 per student toward travel costs. Sydney Opera House strives to make performances welcome and available to everyone, so there is a dedicated accessible season of performances for schools and groups.

Please join us in thanking our generous donors who support our Arts Assist program: 

Enabling Idealist
The Greatorex Foundation 

Catalyst Idealist
Sydney Opera House Ladies’ Committee

If you have any questions, please contact Creative Learning on 02 9250 7770 or email us.

An illustration of a boy in a green shirt and purple pants kneeling, constructing a model of the Sydney Opera House with scissors, glue and ruler around.

Arts Assist Criteria

School applications will be assessed according to socioeconomic disadvantage, schools with special needs, regional locations and individual responses regarding the School Profile and School Community.

Subsidy Criteria

  • Socioeconomic status of a School is assessed by their level of FOEI Funding (Family Occupation & Education Index) or a Catholic/Independent level equivalent.
  • Schools can receive the Ticket & Travel subsidy no more than twice within a Creative Learning annual season.

Subsidy Conditions

  • Travel Subsidy is paid once an invoice/receipt is received for associated costs within 2 weeks of the performance.
  • Teachers will be invited to engage in a phone conference with the Creative Learning team after the performance to discuss feedback.

Arts Assist Application Form

Teacher name
Postal address
Have you received subsidy from Sydney Opera House in the past?
Have you registered a booking with the education team?