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The Forgotten Women of Astronomy Term 1 – 4

13 March – 18 October 2024

On-Demand Digital Talk | Stages 4 - 6

Join us as we relive this brilliant talk from the 2020 All About Women Festival. Take a telescope to the night sky and a critical eye to our past with astrophysicist, Jo Dunkley.


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Learn about our astonishing galaxy with one of the youngest female astrophysicists on the planet

Come on a cosmic journey of scientific discovery with one of the youngest female astrophysicists on the planet, Jo Dunkley. From the basics - like why the earth orbits the Sun - to astonishing facts about star catalogues and superclusters, this brilliant communicator teaches us all about our astonishing galaxy, hosted by multi-award-winning STEM journalist and Wiradjuri woman, Rae Johnston.

Along the way, we encounter some extraordinary, little-known women who defied the restrictions placed on them because of their gender, and whose pioneering research laid the foundations that Professor Dunkley has built on.

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