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A man in a blue shirt standing in front of an empty theatre.

Maths of the Sydney Opera House

With superstar maths teacher Eddie Woo

Join award-winning maths teacher, author and Wootube star Eddie Woo on a marvellous adventure around the Opera House uncovering the mathematical concepts behind the construction and design solutions of building the Sydney Opera House.

Learn about geometry, infinite numbers, and the importance of creativity in STEM. Each episode features special guests who have consulted on the design of the Opera House and includes a worksheet to support continued learning.

Recommended for ages 11+

Nature Inspiring Design

What is fractal geometry and how did it help build the Opera House? Learn about how architect Jørn Utzon took inspiration from the natural environment to reflect the harbourside location of the building with Eddie Woo and Richard Johnson, an architect who worked directly with Utzon. 


Calculating an Impossible Number

Investigate how algebra was used to calculate the exterior tiling of the Opera House sails. Eddie Woo is joined by Ken Kobayashi, a BIM Integration Specialist who has digitally reconstructed the Sydney Opera House using modern computers.


The Purity of Geometry

Did you know that the Opera House was almost never built? Maths solved the problem! Find out how geometry and Utzon’s ‘Spherical Solution’ resolved the construction dilemma that the unique design of the arched sails caused with Eddie Woo and Peter Mould, former NSW Government Architect.


Acoustics – Mathematics to Make Your Ears Ring

Are your ears ringing? Deconstruct the science of acoustics and sound with Eddie and Mitch Allen, Soundscape Designer from the engineering firm Arup, whose founder worked directly with Utzon on the structure of the Opera House.