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Sydney Festival at Sydney Opera House

Sydney Festival is a city-wide celebration of culture, creativity and the questioning mind. From the streets to the beach, in theatres, wharves and warehouses, it animates Sydney with a trailblazing program of theatre, music, dance, visual art and all the experimental in-between places of live performance.

As a dedicated commissioner of new Australian works, Sydney Festival showcases our nation’s diverse storytellers to the world, whilst drawing the world’s finest artists to Sydney.

A group of Brazilian dancers, men and women, wear clothes with red and animal print patterns. They are on stage and a female dancer is mid-air as if just thrown by the male dancers.
8 - 10 Jan 2024 Dance


A jubilant celebration that summons spirits of healing by Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues.   

Two cast members wearing long red skirts, one is horizontal in the air attached to an aerial rope, the other assisting her movement
16 - 31 Jan 2024 Opera

Orpheus & Eurydice

Journey to the underworld and back with the grieving Orpheus. Awe-inspiring acrobatics meet Gluck’s exquisite music in this production created with the internationally renowned Circa.

An Indian woman with short, curly black hair wears big silver hoop earrings and a beige long sleeve top. She has a sitar placed across her knee - this is a guitar-like instrument with a short round body and a very long neck and many tuning knobs.
12 Jan 2024 Contemporary Music

Anoushka Shankar

The singular queen of sitar returns to Sydney with new music and a world-class live quintet.

Two actors dressed as men wearing suits and short wigs sit on chairs. They are talking to each other in a scene.
12 - 16 Jan 2024 Theatre


The cult of male genius is unpacked and dismantled in this stinging satire.  

A man wearing a beanie plays the guitar while a woman next to him plays a keyboard, They are surrounded by a projection of a woman's face, and the lighting is green, purple and blue.
19 - 21 Jan 2024 Theatre

Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World

An investigation into the nature of investigation, with the unsolved murder of a pop icon at its centre.