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The Cure in the Concert Hall, Vivid LIVE 2019. Image: Daniel Boud

Watch The Cure's full set at the Sydney Opera House

Almost three hours of 'Disintegration' (and the B-sides)

Sydney Opera House

A note from Vivid LIVE Curator Ben Marshall:

The Cure are defiant outsiders who created an artistic body of work of lasting significance so it was a dream come true to have them performing their glacial, majestic masterpiece Disintegration in full at Sydney Opera House for Vivid LIVE. It’s a seismic record, linking the spectral sorrow of Unknown Pleasures with the menacing catharsis of Nevermind while continually and meaningfully soundtracking a huge number of people’s lives over decades. After their Reflections performances here in 2011, we never imagined we’d ever have the chance to host them again, let alone performing this thrilling, peerless work in full. The band are in genuinely breath-taking live form, bringing us an immaculate, deep exploration of their Disintegration era with truly pristine sound. We’re immensely grateful for their willingness to share this moment with the world and I hope you enjoy watching.


Exclusive to Vivid LIVE, alternative British rock legends The Cure brought their magisterial, slow-burn masterpiece Disintegration to the Opera House Concert Hall for five shows to mark the 30th anniversary of their career-defining epic. This is the world premiere of these 30th anniversary performances, and their only Australian engagement. 

This live stream was directed by British filmmaker Nick Wickham, a close collaborator of The Cure’s who is known for his work with Iggy Pop, Joe Cocker, Annie Lennox and Madonna.

"Today marks 30 years since the release of the disintegration album - and we are very pleased to announce to Cure fans around the world that we will be global live streaming our final performance from the Sydney Opera House on 30th May, where we will be playing the album in its entirety - plus extras! - at Vivid LIVE. We look forward to celebrating the anniversary of this special album with you all... ...And remember: this album was mixed to be played loud… so turn it up!" — Robert Smith, 2 May 2019.


The Cure in the Concert Hall, Vivid LIVE 2019. Image: Daniel Boud
The Cure in the Concert Hall, Vivid LIVE 2019. Image: Daniel Boud

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