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King Lear

14 June - 20 July 2024

This event takes place off site at Neilson Nutshell, Pier 2/3

Bell Shakespeare


For the first time since 2010, Bell Shakespeare presents King Lear. Directed by Peter Evans and starring one of Australia’s finest classical actors Robert Menzies, this heart-wrenching new production promises to be powerful and utterly unforgettable.  

Please note: this event is not held at the Sydney Opera House.

O, I have taken too little care of this!

Lear, Act 3, Scene 4

Powerful and utterly unforgettable

King Lear has ruled for a lifetime. He has plans for succession – the Kingdom is to be shared among his three daughters. But when he is challenged, Lear’s reaction unravels his family and ultimately the country, hurling him into a storm of rage, self-discovery, and perhaps even acceptance.  

Is this Shakespeare’s great exploration of ‘filial ingratitude’? Or the sad tale of an old man in decline and the terrible choices forced upon his daughters? Is it the story of an appallingly entitled and selfish king? Or a daughter too naïve and proud to compromise for an ailing father?  

It is about all these things, and more. Shakespeare’s epic of the imagination, performed in the profoundly intimate setting of The Neilson Nutshell at Pier 2/3 in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct.

Presented by Bell Shakespeare

Artist information


King Lear Robert Menzies
Regan Tamara Lee Bailey 
Albany Shameer Birges
Oswald/Burgundy Jeremi Campese
Cordelia/Fool Melissa Kahraman
Edgar/France Alex King
Gloucester James Lugton 
Goneril Lizzie Schebesta
Cornwall Michael Wahr
Kent Janine Watson
Edmund Darius Williams
Ensemble / Understudy Brittany Santariga
Ensemble / Understudy James Thomasson

About Robert Menzies
Robert Menzies is one of this country’s great classical actors. For Bell Shakespeare he has given us the fatherly, sensitive yet politic Polonius in Hamlet, and the poetic, philosophical but tough-minded Friar in Romeo and Juliet. Robert’s career spans four decades working on some of the great productions in our theatre history. Bell Shakespeare are thrilled to present his powerful, brilliant and entirely unique performance of Lear. 



Director Peter Evans 
Associate Director Tiffany Wong 
Set and Costume Designer Anna Tregloan               
Lighting Designer Ben Cisterne     
Composer and Sound Designer Max Lyandvert  

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