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About the CMP

About the Author

Alan Croker, founder and director of Design 5 Architects and award-winning CMP author, has more than 35 years’ experience working on large-scale conservation projects.

Alan has a deep understanding of the Opera House building, site and function. He has been engaged by the Opera House since 1998 when he assisted in developing the CMP Second Edition with James Semple Kerr.

Following Kerr’s retirement in 2004, Alan was appointed as the Opera House’s Heritage Architect and has since been instrumental in a number of small and major projects including the Opera House’s Renewal plans.

Developing the CMP Fourth Edition

The CMP Fourth Edition was commissioned by the Sydney Opera House Trust in response to changes and developments since the Third Edition was published in 2003, including its State, National and UNESCO World Heritage listings.

It has been updated to meet current needs and provides further detail to assist the Opera House with day-to-day decision making as it moves through its Decade of Renewal.

CMP consultation process

The CMP has been endorsed by the Sydney Opera House Conservation Council, Sydney Opera House Trust, NSW Minister for the Arts and the NSW Heritage Council. 

Its extensive review and refinement process also involved consultation with a specially appointed expert peer-review panel, representatives of relevant statutory bodies, the public, staff and other key stakeholders.

Conservation in our Decade of Renewal

The Sydney Opera House was inscribed on the World Heritage List as a masterpiece of human creative genius in 2007. As custodians of the building, our mission is to ‘treasure and renew the Opera House for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors’. Our function as a world-class performing arts centre is central to our heritage listings.

As the Opera House undertakes its Decade of Renewal, the CMP plays an important role in protecting our heritage and our future. Every opportunity during these works has been, and will continue to be taken, to respect the heritage and integrity of the Opera House, in accordance with the CMP and Utzon Design Principles.

Implementing the CMP

The Opera House has a team dedicated to ensuring the CMP is implemented correctly. This will include regular reviews and ongoing training to ensure the CMP is being used in the way it was intended.

A group has been formed with representatives from all business areas to monitor and champion implementation of the CMP across the organisation.

Opera House management will also report regularly on compliance with the CMP to its Conservation Council and Trust Building and Heritage Committee.