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Celebrate the extraordinary

The Sydney Opera House has been a source of wonder ever since it was a sketch sent across the seas. From a small coastal town in Denmark came a vision that would test the limits of engineering and design, forever changing the face of Sydney.

When the building opened in 1973, the world looked to Sydney Harbour and breathed in the moment: a new era of creativity and connection was underway. 

Fifty years on, the Opera House is the symbol of modern Australia and a vibrant community meeting place. As one of the world’s busiest performing arts centres, it embraces a variety of creative expressions that spans contemporary music, dance, symphony orchestras, children’s theatre, talks, comedy, First Nations storytelling and more. The spirit soars in its presence. To visit Bennelong Point – known to its traditional custodians as Tubowgule – is to encounter a story of contemporary culture that renews itself each day.