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First Wave Crystal Voyager + Director Q&A with special guests

9 – 10 August 2024

In the Playhouse


Australia | 1973 | English | Documentary

Over 50 years since it first premiered at Sydney Opera House, legendary surf film Crystal Voyager returns to our shores for the debut of a new 4K restoration.

These special screenings are followed by a Q&A with director David Elfick plus special guests.

One of the most beautiful surfing movies ever made.

Australian Screen

World premiere of a new 4K restoration

Long before John John and Torren Martyn set sail, George Greenough enchanted audiences with his nautically themed surf film, Crystal Voyager. Initially premiering at the Sydney Opera House in 1973, the movie was brilliantly crafted by David Elfick and Albe Falzon in the wake of their success with Morning of The Earth. Narrated by Greenough, Crystal Voyager provides a revealing insight into George’s practical and creative talents, along with his ability to look to nature for inspiration. Featuring Greenough and Nat Young enjoying magical waves in isolated settings, the film plays to the theme of surfing escapism, while documenting the practical challenges associated with rigging up a boat for an epic surf journey.

The final section of the film ‘Echoes’ features a famous Pink Floyd soundtrack. Showcasing Greenough’s pioneering POV footage, ‘Echoes’ becomes a kind of transcendental cinematic experience. To fully appreciate the beautifully restored mastery of Crystal Voyager, it must be witnessed on the big screen.

Presented by Sydney Opera House and Tracks

George Greenough, Director

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Cast and credits


David Elfick
Albert Falzon
George Greenough

David Elfick

George Greenough
Nat Young
Ritchie West

George Greenough
Albert Falzon

Digital Restoration
Ray Argall
Scott Welsh
David Elfick
Greg Fitzgerald

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