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First Wave The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun + Q&A with Chris Brock

10 August 2024

In the Playhouse


Australia | 1970 | English | Documentary

Celebrating the World Premiere of its new 4K restoration, The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun is the cult 1970 directorial debut of George Greenough that captures the freedom of ocean living and the first stages of the shortboard revolution.

This special screening is followed by a Q&A with Chris Brock.

Tactile, hypnotic, hallucinogenic, thrilling.

Inside Sport

World premiere of a new 4K restoration

Capturing the freedom of ocean living and the first stages of the shortboard revolution, The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun follows George Greenough and his band of fellow board riders including Chris Brock, Bob McTavish, Ted Spencer and Gary Keyes as they surf across Australia and the USA. Set to a surf-jazz score, we follow their journey across the remote bushland paradise of Australia’s East Coast and the idyllic isles of southern California, shifting the surf paradigm up a gear in their wake. The “Coming of the Dawn” provides the film’s famous finale, a pioneering triumph of slow-motion footage shot inside the curl of the waves, with the camera strapped to Greenough’s back.

Presented by Sydney Opera House, Tracks and Greenough Films


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Cast and credits


George Greenough

Scott Welsh
Producer, Restoration

Ray Argall


George Greenough

Chris Brock

Bob McTavish

Ted Spencer

Gary Keyes

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