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Sunburnt Screens: An Australian Film Odyssey The Last Days of Chez Nous + Director Q&A

30 June 2024

In the Playhouse


Australia | 1992 | English | Drama

Nominated for 10 AFI Awards and written by Helen Garner (Monkey Grip), The Last Days of Chez Nous is Gillian Armstrong’s (High Tide) acclaimed exploration of love, trust, betrayal and lust. 

This special screening is followed by a Q&A with film director Gillian Armstrong

Gillian Armstrong gives strength and honesty to a study of the dying stages of a marriage, with a clear-eyed focus on the flow of everyday lives.

The Guardian

Love, trust and betrayal

Written by Helen Garner, The Last Days of Chez Nous is Gillian Armstrong’s (My Brilliant Career) acclaimed exploration of love, trust and betrayal. Beth (Lisa Harrow) is a modern matriarch doing her best to raise her teenage daughter Annie (Miranda Otto) whilst enjoying the best of an easy-going marriage to Frenchman JP (Bruno Ganz). When younger sister Vicki (Kerry Fox) returns from abroad and moves into the household, she is instantly drawn to the family and develops a longing for what is missing in her own life. As Beth takes a trip with her dad (Bill Hunter), she leaves JP and sister Vicki behind unaware of the smoldering love triangle that has developed between them and the turbulence that lies ahead.

Presented by Sydney Opera House with Umbrella Entertainment and hosted by Alexei Toliopoulos


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Cast and credits


Gillian Armstrong

Jan Chapman


Lisa Harrow 
as Beth

Bruno Ganz 
as J. P

Miranda Otto 
as Annie

Bill Hunter 
as Beth’s Father

Kerry Fox 
as Vicki

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