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Sunburnt Screens: An Australian Film Odyssey Two Hands

30 June 2024

In the Playhouse


Australia | 1999 | English | Dark Comedy

A beloved Sydney-set 90s crime classic,Two Hands is notable for its breakout performances from stars Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne. A 19 year old finds himself in debt to a local gangster when some gang loot disappears and sets him on the run from thugs. Meanwhile, two street kids start a shopping spree when they find the missing money.

Two Hands scorched Australian cinematic soil irrevocably with Ledger and Byrne’s star power.


One wrong decision

Young go-getter Jimmy (Heath Ledger) isn’t wild about his deadbeat job as a Kings Cross club promoter. When he gets a job offer from mob boss Pando (Bryan Brown), it seems like an offer too good to refuse. All he has to do is deliver $10,000 to a woman in Bondi. Easy enough, right? Not everything goes to plan, however, and suddenly Jimmy is left scrambling to repay the cash before Pando and his angry cronies come after him and his newfound love interest (Rose Byrne).

Presented by Sydney Opera House with Umbrella Entertainment and hosted by Alexei Toliopoulos


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Cast and credits


Gregor Jordan


Heath Ledger 
as Jimmy

Rose Byrne 
as Alex

Bryan Brown 
as Pando

David Field 
as Acko

Susie Porter 
as Deirdre

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