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Festival of Choral Music Australis Concert

15 August 2023

In the Concert Hall

Classical Music

A magnificent concert series featuring a combined choir of hundreds of public school students incorporating individual performers from across NSW public and secondary high schools.

The Australis Concert

The 2023 Festival of Choral Music is an annual showcase of NSW public school students in a combined choir.  This magnificient series of four concerts (Argyle, Australis, Bennelong and Endeavour) involves hundreds of schools and students from across NSW.  This concert series is one of the core state level arts programs managed by The Arts Unit of the NSW Department of Education. The choirs sing repertoire which is specificially arranged and composed for them.  The series also provides a unique opportunity for schools to access targeted high quality repertoire and professional learning opportunities. This festival will also feature the NSW Public Schools Festival Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Sinfonia, Stage Band , Senior and Junior Wind Bands, and the NSW Public Schools State Choir, Singers and Junior Singers.

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