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Josh Thomas staring into a mirror

Josh Thomas Let’s Tidy Up

31 January – 18 February 2024

In the Playhouse


Get ready to laugh with Josh Thomas this summer as he makes his much anticipated return to the stage. Award-winning author and star of hit TV shows Please Like Me and Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, is set to make the Australian premiere of this hilarious, complicated and emotional show at the Sydney Opera House. 

This is a show where Josh tidies up

Tidying up is not normally the stuff of gripping drama, it wouldn’t be a propulsive narrative for most people but for Josh it’s Everest, a fundamentally impossible task, like trying to defy the moon and control the tides.

Josh’s brain has managed to make him the author and star of hit TV shows (Please Like Me, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay), in this show he tries to work out how to do the small stuff. “One of the biggest struggles in my life is trying to tidy up,” says Josh. But it's not just about tidying, there's also gardening, gophers and a love story. “It’s about how much we’re meant to accept how sh*t we are”.

Written with award-winning playwright, Lally Katz who is best known for The Rabbits (2015), Neighbourhood Watch (2011) and Charlie Mudd (2009). Josh says this collaboration brings a layer of structure, “the show is more complex, deep and emotionally complicated than my previous live shows”.

Known for making his work hilariously relatable and not to shy away from difficult topics, you can expect Let’s Tidy Up to be no different.

Presented by Sydney Opera House and Token Events

In this show I’m going to be talking about tidying up. Which doesn’t sound very fun. But I promise it’s going to be very fun. 
I’m looking forward to seeing you all. Let’s get lit!

Josh Thomas

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