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Collage of Rove McManus in black and white in a thoughtful pose, with six slide photographs scattered around him.

Slide Night! with Rove McManus

15 - 25 June 2023

In the Playhouse

Sydney Opera House Presents

Come on over to our House for a Slide Night - an evening of spontaneous comedy where anything can happen. Hosted by the award-winning Rove McManus, watch on as two teams of Australia’s best comedians go head-to head each night. Team captains Bridie Connell and Rebecca De Unamuno will have you in stitches as you experience the ultimate throwback evening. The regular players will be joined by a special guest every day, creating a truly unpredictable show where no two shows are the same!

The Slide Night! special guests include Adam Spencer, Amanda Keller & Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones, Bec Charlwood, Bob Downe, Heath Franklin, Justin Hamilton, Mikey Robins, Nikki Britton, Osher Gunsberg, Peter Berner, Susie Youssef and Tahir.

Before Snapchat, before Instagram... there was Slide Night

Go back in time for the evening and experience a slide night but this time with a twist. Rescued photographic slides from attics and op shops from across the country have been repurposed to put a bunch of comedians to the test. Team captains Bridie Connell (We Interrupt This Broadcast, Tonightly With Tom Ballard, Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Rebecca De Unamuno (Just for Laughs Australia, The Chasers War on Everything, Kath and Kim) will be joined by a revolving cast of Australia’s best comedians to face off in different games. The old slides serve as visual cues in these games - creating the absurd and outrageous settings for our comedians to explain the night away.

With special celebrity guests and different games each night, you never know what kind of hilarity will ensue.

Relive the nostalgia and book tickets to the hottest new comedy night in Sydney. With no two shows the same, we guarantee you'll want to come more than once.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

In association with Llandilo Pty Ltd



The true brilliance of Slide Night! lies in its unpredictability... Highlighting the brilliant comedic talent Sydney has to offer, you will be amazed at the skill and talent displayed on stage. 

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