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Love List:
Dubfluences by Nils Frahm & F.S.Blumm

Love List is our Spotify series where we ask Opera House guests and friends to curate playlists dedicated to an artist, genre or subject of their choice.

To celebrate the release of F.S.Blumm and Nils Frahm’s new dub-inspired record, 2X1=4, the duo have curated a list of contemporary tracks influenced by dub that also influenced them. 

Nils Frahm is an acclaimed producer, composer and piano-prodigy. Known for pairing pianos with synthesisers, his unconventional approach has won him many fans around the world. Nils is no stranger to the Opera House, with three sold out performances in 2014 and more recently celebrating Piano Day 2020 under our sails. His collaborator, F.S.Blumm, is a revered mainstay of the German underground and co-founder of Quasi Dub Development.

2x1=4 is the fourth collaborative album from the two artists and sees them explore a dub-influenced universe. While the pair credit dub pioneers Perry, Tubby and Scientist as their greatest influences, for this playlist they decided to go another direction: "less classic dub, more contemporary, more vocals, sometimes even more pop". 

▷ Natures Dub - Wackies

“We listened to this tune in the studio when we didn't listen to our own work in progress.”

▷ Can't Stop Now - Major Lazer

“[It] contains a sample of 'Barbwire' by Nora Dean which is another great tune with interesting lyrics:

"oh mama, he's got barbwire in his underpants..."  

Pardon me?”

▷ It Takes A Muscle - M.I.A.

“Reggae by M.I.A.? Yes, reggae by M.I.A.”

▷ Dog Heart City - Roger Robinson

“Hard to choose a track from this album since each track is great.”

▷ Tempest - Stand High Patrol

“Pupajims voice and pronunciation is just great. Also his phrasing: check his freestyles on YouTube.”

▷ Twilight Chime - Richie Phoe

“That guy has just far too few monthly listeners on Spotify.”

▷ Noethel - Nonplace Urban Field

Raum für Notizen is another great record that wouldn't exist if there hadn't been dub music in the seventies. Bernd Friedmann is such an amazingly good German producer. He also runs this project The Nu Dub Players and he has another project with legendary German drummer Jaki Liebezeit from Can.”

▷ Who Goes There Dub - Monkey Marc

“Great record (The Planet Smashers) on a great label (Jahtari).”

▷ Control This - Riddim Research Lab

"...political activity in the dance music scene..."

▷ You - Hey O Hansen

“They are friends, they supported the Quasi Dub Development, Helmut played drums with F.S.Blummbastic. This music is really tuned down and really really stripped-down... very consequent.”

▷ Badeboom - F.S.Blummbastic

“Talking about drumming Helmut... here it comes: a little self promotional break ;)”

▷ Good Thing You Came Along - Tapes

“What a wonderful title for an instrumental tune! Reminds us of Lou Reed singing:  '..such a perfect day... I'm glad I spent it with you...'"

▷ Voices - Blundetto, Hindi Zahra

“Nothing much to say about this one: A voice like milk and honey. What an atmosphere. Whenever there is pop, it should sound like this. Good end for a playlist to start from the beginning.”

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