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Love List:
Opera House memories by Cosmo’s Midnight

Love List is our Spotify series where we ask friends of the Opera House to curate a playlist dedicated to a subject of their choice.

To celebrate Cosmo’s Midnight’s upcoming Vivid LIVE shows as part of the Astral People 10th birthday show, the local electropop duo pick their favourite tracks from all the artists they've seen perform in our venues.

“This playlist is a selection of songs from artists we’ve seen perform at the Opera House over the years. We’ve been lucky to see all kinds of different performances at this iconic location and from nearly every spot within the building. From watching Giorgio Moroder in the smaller Studio, to watching Tame Impala on the Forecourt steps outside, seeing amazing artists play at such a location is always a great combo!”

▷ Cranes in the Sky - Solange

“We saw Solange play around two years ago, it was such an inspiring experience to see how well put together her performance was. It really made us excited to step up our game with our own shows as well.”

▷ Best Part - H.E.R., Daniel Caesar

“We saw H.E.R. perform in the Joan Sutherland Theatre and needless to say she is a super talented singer/guitarist/pianist. Seeing how she transformed her songs in a live setting was a real masterclass.”

▷ I Feel Love - Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder

“Way back in 2014 we caught the legendary Giorgio DJ, he was spinning all the classics but was also super in touch with a more modern crowd. As a producer that’s always looked to the future, Giorgio performed such a fun set covering so many different periods. Also hearing ‘I Feel Love’ while being in the presence of the man that made it was a little extra special.”

▷ The Shit Baby - Omar S, D Taylor

“I specifically remember Omar S with his stoic focused precision. He is one of the most laser focused DJs I’ve seen, but when he played ‘The Shit Baby’ he allowed himself a bit of a boog.”

▷ Eventually - Tame Impala

“Watching Tame Impala perform outside on the Forecourt’s massive steps was such a big occasion. Never before had a Tame Impala performance taken place there, and not since either. This was after Currents (our favourite album) had been released so seeing all the intricate blends, the visuals and new renditions was so exciting. Kevin’s live shows are something to look up to for all performers.”

▷ Painkiller - Ruel

“We saw Ruel perform last year to a packed main theatre. I feel seeing any artist perform at the Opera House turns the atmosphere up so much, everything is so much more grandiose, more exciting. His live rendition of ‘Painkiller’  is a favourite by far.”

▷ WUTD - Genesis Owusu

“Genesis actually played the same show, he was supporting Ruel at the time. Kofi and the Goons bring so much raw energy to their performances that even if you’re hearing his music for the first time you get completely sucked in and caught up in their frenzy.”

▷ Unfold - Lapalux

“When Vivid happens in Sydney it has always meant it‘s time for us to head to the Opera House to see one of the many events that would take place. Future Classic, Astral People, House of Mince and Good God Super Club have all put on events and there are almost far too many concerts to choose from. One Vivid we caught the artist Lapalux who provided a more ambient, emotional experience. Being able to be exposed to so many different energies is one of the main attractions of Vivid.” 

▷ Mistakes - Basenji

“We saw Basenji play a Future Classic Vivid event, it was a real defining moment and we were so excited to have a friend of ours involved in such a prestigious event. This was peak Soundcloud era so we saw other great artists like Stwo and Pomo the same night.”

▷ Barefoot In The Dark - James Blake, Rosalía

“James Blake is one of those artists you have to see live. Everything is so meticulous, so dramatic and completely transformed in a live setting. If you haven’t seen him before I strongly recommend it, it will amaze you!”

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