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Magic of Malambo

The South American sensation bringing the heat to the Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Summer is going to be hot and we’re not talking about the weather. Dance act Malevo are coming. “South American sensation” Malevo are gracing our shores for the first time, bringing their fiery, saucy and thrilling dance act to the Sydney Opera House this summer. 

A group of 13 people playing drums on a stage.

Their rise to the global stage

The dance troupe rose to fame after reaching the semifinals of America’s Got Talent, winning over the hearts (and eyes) of many, including Heidi Klum. Since then, they’ve become a hot global act, dancing and drumming everywhere from New York to Paris, and have even shared the stage with Ricky Martin for his Las Vegas show.

A group of men playing drums on a stage.

It is so intense, it is so…everything…. I love you guys 

Heidi Klum

What is Malambo?

The all-male group perform a spicier, modern twist of Malambo, featuring elements of flamenco and live percussion. Malambo is a traditional Argentine folk dance, that gauchos (South American cowboys) performed to show off their vigour, skill and machismo. 

The powerful dance incorporates elaborate leg movements with energetic zapateados (stomping), and quick cepillados (brushing movements with the feet). 

A person in a black outfit holding a whip, mid stride in a dusty paddock.

You’ll also see Malevo skillfully wield boleadoras (an indigenous hunting tool, featuring weighted balls attached to leather straps, that was adopted by the gauchos) and feel the rhythm of their hand-held barrel drums. The men perform clad in leather, including their boots, which feature metal spurs to achieve the signature stomping and brushing sounds. Though you may also see them shirtless, for an additional layer of heat. 

Expect a fiery mix of electrifying drumming and flamenco dance. These bad-ass men will leave you wanting more - it’s a stomping good time. 

A group of nine people jumping in the air, with drums on the ground in an empty warehouse.

Director, choreographer and dancer, Matías Jaime, is the creator and visionary behind Malevo, and also performs with the group. He shared his excitement about the upcoming season: “We have travelled the world sharing our culture and traditions with people from all walks of life, but we have never been to Australia before. We can’t wait to bring our energy to the stage and show audiences Down Under just what we can do!”

A group of three men in black clothes holding one hand above their heads in an empty warehouse.

You won’t want to miss the electrifying, thrilling act that is Malevo, performing in the Concert Hall from the 17th - 21st of January 2024. Yes, It's going to be scorching hot, but thankfully there’s air conditioning. 

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