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Girls to the front: find your favourite All About Women 2023 talks

From punks to reality TV lovers, there is something for everyone at this year's All About Women

Sydney Opera House

The All About Women festival is taking over the House for another year – putting women on centre stage.

This year’s festival will pull you in and lift you up. We’re bringing our community together to discuss the big issues: everything from war to love and reality TV. Catch our star-studded line up of international and local speakers as they consider contemporary ethical questions and what the future holds for women.

Whether you want to dive deeper into love, feel more body confident or learn more about the fight for rights, read our festival guide below.

all about POP CULTURE

Up to date with the latest celeb goss? Binged the latest hit shows? Join conversations on all things zeitgeist, from our obsession with reality TV dating shows to the scary realities of child stardom. It’s time to reimagine our love-hate relationships with pop culture. 

finding love in a hopeless place

A close look at reality TV dating shows, what they represent, and why we love them so much.

jennette mccurdy: i’m glad my mom died

Jennette McCurdy dives into her struggles as a former child actor – from eating disorders and addiction, to the complicated relationship she had with her mother.

all about IDENTITY

Who are you? What makes you, you? From neurodivergence and ability diversity to leadership and matriarchies – dive deeper into societal stereotypes and how they affect women.

actually autistic

Disability. Accessibility. Neurodivergence. Join this star-studded panel discussion on what it’s like to be actually autistic.


matriarchies and movements

A multi-generational panel of diverse women look at the movements Blak women have mothered and led.

all about BODIES

 Check out these talks and get comfortable in your own skin. We’re walking all over the media’s beauty standards and facing that biological clock.

maybe baby

An expert panel discussion on reproductive choice, biological clocks, and fertility science.

bodies that positivity left behind

If we’re all body positive now, what happened to those who’ve been left behind? And why?

all about FIGHTERS

Time to be a disobedient woman. Women around the world are standing up for ownership of their bodies, peace, freedom and safety. Find your voice in these fascinating talks.

the war on women

Discover why there’s a war against women, where women’s rights are, and what comes next.

bikini kill speaks

The iconic punk band converse about activism, music, and women taking up space.

all about CREATIVITY

Express yourself! Take some *you* time and set your creativity free. Join other members of the All About Women community in these interactive workshops to express yourself in ways that words don’t allow.

play with clay

Head mess-maker and creative clay queen Bea Bellingham will take you through how to make your very own clay vessel.

introduction to printmaking workshop

Release the artist within at this interactive, hands-on venture into the world of printmaking.

Take a look at the full All About Women festival line up. Join us in celebrating extraordinary artists, thinkers and storytellers as they explore the big questions around gender, justice and equality.

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