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Music for...

by Deepfaith

‘Music for...’ is one of two Opera House Spotify playlist series where we ask friends of the House to curate playlists based on a theme of their choice: music for a particular moment, place or feeling.

Beginning life with musician Jamie xx in his London studio, Deepfaith is a one-of-a-kind audiovisual project led by Daniel Stricker (Midnight Juggernauts), Byron Spencer and Christopher Colonna (Bumblebeez), with contributions from Kirin J Callinan and Touch Sensitive. Alongside DeepFaith's digital commission for Sydney Opera House's Stream series Shortwave, the team of creative powerhouses have created a playlist well suited to a post-apocalyptic dream that welcomes outsiders, outliers and outlanders. 

It takes a special sort of playlist to work in Henryk Górecki, Deftones and Queen and still make perfect sense... but this one does.

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▷ Deep Forest – Deep Forest

Relax into the misty jungle. Let your worries drop off like beads of water.

▷ Sadeness – Enigma

Let us guide you

▷ Digital Bath – Deftones

away from this suburban existence.

▷ African Sanctus: 2. Kyrie "Call to Prayer", Cairo – David Fanshawe (Muezzin from the Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo)

 Feel your muscles relaxing... becoming loose..... your limbs are feeling heavy..... your eyelids feel very heavy.

▷ Miserere mei, Deus – Gregorio Allegri

Imagine that you are near the ocean.... just before sunrise. Perhaps you are on the beach.... or a dock. The ocean is very calm. Most of the water looks very smooth, but you can see small ripples, where gentle, peaceful waves roll in toward the shore.

▷ Who wants to live forever – Queen

When you are awake and alert, you can return to your usual activities, knowing that you can return to this place in your mind whenever you want to relax.

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