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Gordi in greyscale, hair over face

Music for... Painting a dragon on a cloudy day in lockdown

by Ninajirachi

‘Music for...’ is one of two Opera House Spotify playlist series where we ask friends of the House to curate playlists based on a theme of their choice: music for a particular moment, place or feeling.

22-year-old electronic producer, DJ and songwriter Nina Wilson – aka Ninajirachi – has already made waves with her cutting-edge sound of tomorrow. After breaking out with her “hyperpop” hit “Pure Luck”, she’s collaborated with the likes of Nina Las Vegas, and remixed tracks for Deadmau5, The Neptunes and Flight Facilities. Ahead of her set for our new digital music series Liminal, Nina has curated a playlist of perseverance and imagination:

“new and old(er) music that made me feel nice while i was stuck inside and soundtracked the creation of a dragon painting on a cloudy day.”

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▷ OMEN – blackwinterwells

“potentially my favourite song of 2021. wells is sooooo good.”

▷ Europa Pools - Cashmere Cat feat. Kacy Hill

“cashmere cat is one of my favourite artists and biggest inspirations of all time! his discography is so timeless for me. i could have put any of his songs on here.”

Cashmere cat black and white performing


Cashmere Cat performing. Image: Anna Stein

▷ Sensation Release - Cocainejesus

“this cocainejesus album, ‘christ figure’, came out in 2020, so i’m a bit late but it’s definitely one of my most listened to albums of 2021. it’s been my go-to for when i need to put something on that’s long and soothing with no skips.”

▷ You Could Be - Anz

“this song is soooo fun and addictive!! it’s made me jump around the kitchen while i’m cooking sooo many times over the last few months.”

▷ LITTLECRUSH - webcage

“the whole form compilation that this track came from is really sick. also, this track has one of my favourite snares in a while.”

▷ RiRi - Young Thug

“so good and timeless and with the most beautiful chords and melodies!!”

Riri by Young Thug


Young Thug

▷ ICY WHITE - ealing

“so beautiful and entrancing but goes hard shoutout to my partner for putting me on!!”

▷ City Hell - Jockstrap

“i hadn’t given jockstrap a proper listen until my friend got me into this song not long ago. it’s amazing! they are so talented.”

Bangarra Dance Theatre Bennelong


Taylor Skye and Georgia Ellery of Jockstrap. Image: Maxwell Granger.

▷ Sylph Fossil - Iglooghost

“i remember when sylph fossil came out as a single i listened to it for the first time on a train to work and then i listened again and again because the intricacies and subtleties were blowing my mind. iglooghost is toooooo good.”

▷ Tethered to the Body - Ninajirachi

“maybe my most underrated song! i’d love if you checked it out because it was never a single and i think it deserves more shine than some of my bigger songs.”


Ninajirachi. Image: Tiff Williams

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