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Gordi in greyscale, hair over face

Music for...

by Gordi

Sophie Payten – the folk-pop singer and producer known as Gordi –  compiled the playlist 'Music for... Rewinding' ahead of her show at Vivid LIVE 2022.

Gordi began her latest album Our Two Skins at a point in her life where everything was ending. Finishing up a long-term relationship and coming to terms with a new truth in her identity – which played out against the backdrop of the same-sex marriage vote in Australia – led to an isolated internal state, further fuelled by distance, trying communication and lost loved ones. 

This playlist is a reminder to take the time to rewind and recentre to allow yourself a journey of self-discovery – or rediscovery, as Gordi has done with her latest record.

▷ Dnè - Asos Model Crush

“Dnè is a musician out of the Czech Republic. I stumbled across their music a few years ago and fell in love with the way the sounds are processed and so textured. I love the title of this song, too.”

▷ Big Red Machine - Deep Green

“Big Red Machine is the brain-child of Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner. The first record they put out is particularly special to me because I sang backing vocals at the PEOPLE festivals with them. I love the off beat chord changes, it gives it such impact and groove.”

Yung Warriors, pictured on black background, one points at camera the other points upwards

Big Red Machine

▷ Helado Negro - Running

“One of my favourite discoveries of the last few years is Helado Negro and his 6th record, 'This Is How You Smile'. It is so beautiful and simple.”

Helado Negro

▷ The Japanese House - Face Like Thunder

“The dense, brooding vocal of The Japanese House has always resonated with me. 'Face Like Thunder' is one of her best demonstrations of songwriting; such classic hooks but with such an idiosyncratic style.”

▷ Sufjan Stevens - Death with Dignity

“This is just a beautifully written song. Sufjan at his best with delicate, high-register guitars and a breathy heavenly vocal.”

▷ Frank Ocean - White Ferrari

“I am in the camp that believes Frank Ocean is a genius. This song is my favourite of his. There's a rolling snare that appears for a flash before quickly disappearing and then the song morphs into this slow acoustic guitar ballad.”

▷Ásgeir - Frost

“The bubbling, metronomic synth and warm piano chords meant I loved this song in the first 10 seconds. Iceland is one of my favourite places in the world and everything Ásgeir puts out just takes me right back there.”

▷Perfume Genius - Alan

“This song seems to hang suspended the entire time it plays. The vocals pause in all the right places and I always feel like I'm on the edge of my seat listening to it.”

▷Regina Spektor - Samson

“I've listened to Regina Spektor for a long time and she really is the master of telling a story through a piano ballad.”

Close up of Emily Wurramara facing camera

Regina Spektor

▷David Gray - Please Forgive Me

“This song reminds me of being on beach holidays with my family as a kid. We the 'White Ladder' album on CD and then on our early iPods and would always blare it through the speakers.”

▷The Album Leaf - Twentytwofourteen

“This song is from a beautiful instrumental record from The Album Leaf. It demonstrates perfect restraint and simplicity while showing having a real uniqueness about it.”

▷Mac DeMarco - Watching Him Fade Away

“This song is from a beautiful instrumental record from The Album Leaf. It demonstrates perfect restraint and simplicity while showing having a real uniqueness about it.”

▷Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman

“I have sung a few times with Anais Mitchell and am such an admirer. A previous album of hers is now a broadway musical (Hades Town) and album showcases another of her projects. This song sounds like it has been in the world's diaspora for centuries.”

▷Sharon Van Etten - Everytime the Sun Comes Up

“The lines 'I washed your dishes, but I shit in your bathroom' and 'People say I'm a one-hit wonder, but what happens when I have two?' have got to be some of the greatest lines in modern music. I love Sharon.”

▷Amanda Bergman - Falcons

“This Swedish artist released an album called 'Docks' in 2016 and the first track, 'Falcons', was one I listened to a million-times over. The brass, the rolling snare, the glittery guitar; it's all there.”

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