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An animated giraffe walking on a string.

Artists on the Harbour with the National Art School

25 February 2023

Meet at the Welcome Centre

Learn about iconic Sydney artists who were captivated by the harbour on this interactive drawing and walking tour.

Inspiring and social creative workshop

Led by artists and lecturers from Sydney's National Art School, learn about iconic Sydney modernist artists who were captivated by the harbour on this interactive drawing and walking tour.

Experience the works of Brett Whiteley, John Olsen and Margaret Preston as you are guided around the internal and external spaces of the Sydney Opera House to ground your learning and understanding of this unique place and how artists have continued to interpret the Harbour in unique ways.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Anthony Cahill

Anthony Cahill has been exhibiting in commercial and public galleries in Australia and abroad since 1982. His work explores notions of Landscape and human presence within a contemporary representation of landscape painting. Images are derived initially through direct observation; his subjects are varied usually involving a figure in landscape, working without concern for formal boundaries of figuration and abstraction. Cahill enjoys exploring notions of the absurd and his working method is intuitive and improvisational. Cahill is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Drawing department at the National Art School.

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