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Touch and Go

21 - 30 March 2023

In the Centre for Creativity

Sydney Opera House Presents


Entice, dare and entertain your children in this playful world filled with shapes and lines, led by two friendly dancers and a live guitarist.

Putting children front and centre in a playful environment

Children aged two and three years are invited to enter a playful world of shapes and pathways, stepping stones and lines, with two friendly dancers and a live guitarist. The children become part of the performance themselves or observe from a safe distance, touching and going just as they need to.

Touch & Go is a dancing game, dedicated to the mighty two and three-year-old, and therefore also to the other important people in the space–the carer–also the children’s scaffold, teacher, artistic partner and safe haven, who make the play and exploration possible. 

Touch and Go by Sally Chance Dance Produced by Insite Arts 

Supported by:

Insite Arts
RISE Australian Government fund
Arts SA
Australia Council
ArtPlay New Ideas Lab
City of Melbourne

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