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A young white woman with dark brown hair stands in front of a fabric background, where projections of clouds are being cast. An audience of meditation children and adults lie on pillows in front of her.

What the Ocean Said James Brown, Alice Osborne and collaborators

9 - 10 November 2024

In the Centre for Creativity

Kids & Families

Storytelling and Meditation | Ages 4+ | What The Ocean Said is a live experience for children aged 4+ and their grown-ups. A specially commissioned new storytelling and meditation experience with digital projections. This is a sensory world of vivid storytelling, dreamy electronic music, animation, and the wonder of our Sydney harbour.

Photo credit: Annabel Osborne

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

Albert Einstein

A sensory world of projections and vivid storytelling

What The Ocean Said is a relaxing storytelling experience for children and their grownups. You are invited to relax in a sea of pillows amidst a magical space of calm. Follow the journey of a humpback whale diving deep into the water, and expanding into the reaches of the ocean itself. With mindfulness techniques wrapped up in a story time adventure, we’ll introduce younger children to meditation, and offer bigger kids a whole new perspective.

What the Ocean Said is a Sydney Opera House New Work Now commission, enabled by Jane & Russell Kift and by the Turnbull Foundation.

Presented by Sydney Opera House


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