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First Nation dancers under a starry sky.


14 - 17 April 2023

In the Studio

Kids & Families

An interactive journey through First Nations culture

Join two friends and their spiritual guide, as they cross Australian landscapes – river country, an urban landscape, a desert, and the sea. Experience the wonder of Australia through impressive light projections and digital technology.

Children’s theatre doesn’t get any better than this. This inspired array of Italian and Aboriginal artists is the perfect fusion of dance, art and breathtaking digital design.

Sunday Mail

Discover the land, the sea, and everything in between

Through its use of sensors and infrared cameras, Saltbush allows young audiences to interact, play and perform in the show. The Saltbush journey is one of discovering the land, growing an understanding, and acknowledging how it shapes and inspires personal journeys.

Saltbush is a plant that can be found across Australia and many First Nation countries and is used by diverse First Nations peoples as food, medicine & for agricultural purposes. This shared idea acted as a point of inspiration for the narrative, contemporary painting, dance, and instrumental music created by First Nations artists and collaborating Australian and Italian Artists.

TPO’s award winning artistry in multi-media theatre for young people is combined with the work of acclaimed First Nations artists - Lou Bennett (music), Delwyn Mannix (visual art), Deon Hastie (choreography) with TPO company members including  Spartaco Cortesi (music), Anna Balducci (dancer), Elsa Mersi and Rossano Monti (designers) Davide Venturini (Director) and Australian artists Sasha Zahra (dramaturgy) Jason Cross (Director).

Sydney Opera House Presents an Insite Arts and Compagnia TPO production of Saltbush.

Photography by Tiffany Garvie (Gunggari)

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