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4 April 2023

This immersive theatre performance for young people is a joyful re-telling of classical myths and their Gods. A hybrid of a heart-stopping pop concert and a joyful hour of storytelling.

Come young, come old, the Gods are gathering, and you're invited…

A perfect piece of gig-theatre, with soaring melodies, genuine tenderness and hope that takes us on a euphoric journey of intimacy, death and faith…This is a truly life-affirming experience.

British Theatre Guide

And the Gods are all gathering for the reckoning to start...

THE GODS THE GODS THE GODS is an internationally award-winning show from Wright&Grainger, the creators of the hugely acclaimed ORPHEUS & EURYDICE.

4 stories weave together across 14 tracks full of big beats, soaring melodies and heart-stopping spoken word. A show about what we look for outside ourselves, and where we find it in the people around us.

She is on a beach, looking at the stars.
He is on a bridge, just before dark.
They are about to fall, fast, wholesome and hard.
And The Gods are all gathering for the reckoning to start.

The Gods has a unique lyrical beauty that goes beyond words.

Everything Theatre

Expect to cry and laugh as you leave inspired that you are capable of anything if you have faith.

Glam Adelaide

Incredibly powerful. 

The Stage

About Wright&Granger

Wright&Grainger are a multi-award-winning duo weaving work from spoken word and live music.

Winner of Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe
Winner of Best Theatre, Fringe World Perth
Winner of Best Music, Sydney Fringe

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