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The Magic Garden With The Vegetable Plot

School Holiday Workshop

18 & 19 April 2024

In the Centre for Creativity


School Holiday Workshop

Ages 4+ | Join Ru Barb, Aspara Gus and Sir Paul McCarrotney for a berry wonderful music-making songwriting workshop.

An un-beet-able school holiday workshop

The Centre for Creativity has been turned into a magical singing veggie patch for a limited time only, with the berry amazing super singing food group The Vegetable Plot.

Join the award-winning children’s band for a journey into the magic garden of the human imagination. Learn about vocal warm-ups and sweet harmonies from Ru Barb, feast on songwriting secrets from Aspara Gus, get groovy with Sir Paul McCarrotney, and then use what you’ve learnt to help the band write something fresh and new. Built around some of The Vegetable Plot’s most popular songs like “Avocado”, “Melon Collie” and “The Pajamazon Jungle” this workshop is all about exploring creativity and planting seeds of musical inspiration that will blossom for years to come.

Sydney Opera House Presents


Aspara Gus Guitar and Vocals

Gus is our fearless (and sometimes clueless) leader. His deep, earthy voice and rotten puns will make you groan with delight. Gus writes all the songs and remembers most of the words. He is also known as musician/comedian Luke Escombe.

Sir Paul McCarrotney Bass and Vocals

Of course you all know Sir Paul as the world-famous singer of 60’s band The Beatroots. Hear him sing his hit song “Twist and Sprout” and serve up his funky bass grooves with us. As well as driving the beat, Sir Paul also drives our big green tour bus. He sometimes answers to the name Nick Hoorweg.

Ru Barb Vocals and Percussion

Ru Barb is undoubtedly the sweetest vegetable in this bunch. She loves nothing more than to sing and dance with a room full of little beansprouts. As well as delighting our ear buds, Ru also delights our tastebuds with her wonderful cooking. We sometimes call her Paige Hoorweg.

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