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4 February - 10 March 2023

Prepare for goosebumps as we assemble the Opera Australia Chorus in full force, to deliver an exhilarating program of opera’s grandest highlights.

Thrill to the sound of a mass of voices, singing as one

Prepare to have your hair blown back by the sheer magnitude of these exquisite voices.

The Opera Australia Chorus has long been the backbone of Opera Australia’s productions. Now, hear the lyrical beauty and power of this chorale centre stage in the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

Chorus! showcases famous choral pieces by the legends of opera, including Verdi, Puccini, Wagner and Tchaikovsky. Director Matthew Barclay and esteemed Chorus Master Paul Fitzsimon thread a compelling narrative through the masterworks of all eras.

The voices of 46 choristers come together to explore vast musical terrain through the emotional language of song.

From Rigoletto’s urgent ‘Zitti, zitti, moviamo a vendetta’ to the sacred incantations of ‘Beglückt darf nun’ (Pilgrim’s Chorus) in TannhäuserPagliacci’s lively Bell Chorus and Madama Butterfly’s exquisitely poignant Humming Chorus, Chorus! is a unique operatic experience that will make your heart sing.

Presented by Opera Australia


Artist Information

Conductor Paul Fitzsimon
Director Matthew Barclay
Movement Coordinator Troy Honeysett
Pianists Kate Johnson, Michael Curtain

Opera Australia Chorus

Other information

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