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A Day Out at the HouseTerm 1 – 4

2 April – 1 November 2024

Performance or Workshop and Tour Excursion | Early Stage 1 - 6 | Embark on a journey of inspiration and wonder with a new  ‘day out’ experience at the  Sydney Opera House. Designed by Sydney Opera House artists, exclusively for primary and secondary school students, choose from a ‘day out’ combination that includes a workshop or performance and a guided tour of one of the world’s most famous buildings. This unique experience promises to ignite imaginations, nurture curiosity, and create lasting memories.

Inspire students creativity and curiosity with a day out excursion at Sydney Opera House

Offer your students to an unforgettable day out at the Sydney Opera House with our new curated program. Students can attend a Creative Learning Performance or Workshop onsite accompanied by a Walking Tour of our internationally renowned performing arts centre, all in time to back by the final school bell.

Witness the splendour of world-class contemporary performances, captivating workshops, and interactive tours that bridge the gap between education and entertainment. A Day Out at the House offers students a unique opportunity to learn together, have fun and make lasting memories.

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Choose your own Creative Learning adventure

A Day Out at the House consists of a curated experience of a Creative Learning Performance or Workshop with a Schools Tour. Dependent on the activity you choose, your onsite experience will take 3 - 4 hours excluding travel time to the Opera House.

Your Day Out at the House includes

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