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Sunset Boulevard Overture Dining Menu by Danielle Alvarez

28 August – 1 November 2024

We’re thrilled to invite you to start your Sunset Boulevard evening with an exclusive dining experience and breathtaking harbour views in the Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyer.

Before heading into the theatre, enjoy Overture Dining, a bespoke menu curated for Sunset Boulevard patrons by Australia's leading female chef Danielle Alvarez, Culinary Director of Events at Sydney Opera House.

This is a menu worthy of Norma Desmond herself, inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood.

Meet the chef

Danielle Alvarez

Danielle draws inspiration for her farm-to-table cuisine from a rich culinary heritage spanning the US and Australia. Raised in a food-loving Cuban American family, she honed her skills under her mother and grandmother’s guidance before embarking on a professional culinary journey. Danielle is the Culinary Director of Events at Sydney Opera House.

Danielle’s culinary prowess was refined in esteemed establishments like Napa’s French Laundry, San Francisco’s Boulettes Larder, and Berkeley’s Chez Panisse, particularly under the mentorship of Alice Waters. In Australia, she made waves as the visionary force behind Paddington’s Fred’s, earning numerous accolades and cementing its status as a beloved and lauded eatery. Danielle is the author of Always Add Lemon, a columnist for Good Weekend Magazine, and co-hosts The Good Food Kitchen alongside Adam Liaw. In 2022, after six years at Fred’s helm, Danielle pivoted to align her culinary endeavours with her core values, with her second cookbook, Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking.


"This menu is inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood. It’s a little bit retro and I could imagine eating this menu in a moody, candelabra lit, red leather boothed Sunset Boulevard restaurant back in its heyday. Or at the Sydney Opera House to give you a taste of the show to come."

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