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An Evening with Elizabeth Day

26 February 2024

In the Concert Hall

Talks & Ideas

How To Fail fans – this is the moment you have been waiting for. Join podcaster and bestselling author, Elizabeth Day for a brilliantly funny and painfully honest celebration of all the things that haven't gone quite right, in conversation with Hannah Ferguson

An Evening with Elizabeth Day

Come along to enjoy Elizabeth's signature wit, warmth, and trademark honesty in a candid conversation with Cheek Media Co. co-founder Hannah Ferguson. Together they'll tackle the big "fails" around life and love ... is success a myth? How can we turn crisis into clarity? And: is that person on Hinge ghosting me or are they just playing hard to get?

It's an evening to celebrate the beauty of the human journey – the triumphs, the failures, and everything in between. Bring your own questions. One night only!

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