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Draw the House with Todd Fuller and Mark Gerada

28 January - 26 May 2024

Meet at the Welcome Centre | Sydney Opera House Presents | Experiences

Create a range of drawings inspired by one of the world’s most iconic buildings. Once a month join like-minded creative souls to explore the Opera House and its surroundings through the eyes of an artist. Working with a different artist each month, explore various drawing techniques, and perspectives inspired by one of the world's most iconic buildings.

Slow down, observe...

You will also learn from an expert Tour Guide about the influence of visual arts in the Opera House's history, including the beautiful tapestries that grace our venues and foyer spaces.

Drawing is practical as an architectural and engineering blueprint, but it is also a tool for creative expression and making meaning, visually documenting what we see or imagine on paper, for others to view, interpret and enjoy.

From the very beginning, drawings have played a significant role in the Opera House’s history – a global architectural competition saw entries from all over the world, where a relatively unknown Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, became the winner of a new National Opera House for Sydney. Utzon’s original and somewhat controversial design was an imaginative sculptural response that the judges were convinced would be ‘capable of becoming one of the great buildings of the world’.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Drawing is a way of coming upon the connection between things; just like metaphor in poetry reconnects what has become separated.

John Berger - Art Critic, Novelist, Painter & Poet
Todd Fuller 28 January & 25 February 2024

Todd Fuller’s practice integrates sculpture, moving image, performance and painting but at the core to all he does is drawing. For ten years, Fuller has been crafting hand-drawn animations that grapple with love and loss, as well as ideas of place, identity and community. Often narrative in form, these award winning works are derived from Fuller’s experiences with different communities, sites and histories. He has been awarded a number of residencies that have informed and developed his practice, including time spent at Bundanon Trust, Hill End, Grafton Regional Art Gallery, as well as international stints at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, the British School of Rome, and recently the NG Creative Residency in Provence.

Mark Gerada 24 March, 28 April & 26 May 2024

Mark Gerada is a multi-disciplinary practitioner who lives and works in Sydney. With an oeuvre which comprises a multiplicity of creative disciplines, Mark’s practice is flexible, enabling him to straddle the lines between commercial and non-commercial work, and between figurative and experimental art-making.

As an artist, Mark was commissioned by the City of Sydney to create City Wilderness Trail and Brisbane City Council to create the Beasts Of Alderley Suburban Wilderness Trail - both projects communicating the importance of relationships in nature. He completed a specialised ecology project titled Koala Land, which sets out ways to conserve koala populations, and out of this body of work produced and illustrated an educational children’s book titled Our Home. He is currently designing a development in South East Queensland where humans and koalas will live side by side, where the needs of native flora and fauna come first.

Mark’s experiences are rich - he previously worked in publishing and advertising, has 22 years of experience in university teaching (Architecture, Design and Visual Communication), worked as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers around the world, had a successful ceramics business, and still produces commissioned paintings for private houses, offices and hotels. As an artist, he has exhibited work in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Brussels, China and Malta. 

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