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Accessible Shows

We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the magic of live shows and special programs at the Sydney Opera House. Here you'll find our program of inclusive performances for people of all ages and abilities.

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Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at four, Ethan’s kaleidoscopic world view is brought to life in this visually stunning experience filled with acrobatics, slapstick, music and movement. As part of the cast, Ethan’s authenticity makes this a truly memorable, moving celebration of life viewed differently.
Auslan interpreted performance - Friday, 27 April 12.30pm.

Kids & Families

ABC Classic Kids: Music for the Dreaming
An immersive introduction to live classical music and storytelling created especially for young children.
Relaxed performances - Saturday, 18 August 10am, Saturday, 25 August 10am.
Sing and Play - Friday, 24 August 10am
ABC Classic Kids: Sounds like Australia
Treat little ears to musical soundscapes and classical compositions in this immersive introduction to music.
Relaxed performances - Saturday, 5 May 10am, Saturday, 12 May 10am.
Sing and Play - Friday, 11 May 10am
Bambert's Book of Lost Stories
Discover the truly magnificent story of an impossibly small man with an enormous love for writing.
Audio description and tactile tour - Wednesday, 3 October 11am
Relaxed performance - Saturday, 6 October 11am
Auslan interpreted performance - Saturday, 6 October 2.15pm
Billionaire Boy
David Walliams’ bestselling novel comes to life on stage.
Relaxed performance - Saturday, 21 April 10.30am
Auslan interpreted performance - Saturday, 28 April 12pm
A sensational new circus show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. 
Relaxed performance - Sunday, 22 April 2pm
Hunting of the Snark
Come on an impossible voyage to find the mythical snark in the wonderful world of Lewis Carroll.  
Auslan interpreted performance - Friday, 20 July 12.30pm
Relaxed performance - Sunday 22 July, 10.30am
Ruby's Wish
Join us for the heart-warming story of Ruby, a little girl with a big imagination.
Relaxed performance - Saturday, 19 May 11.30am
Audio description and tactile tour - Sunday, 20 May 11.30am
Snow Dragon
Join Billy the goat, Rosie the pig and Spike the hedgehog on the biggest adventure in the wintry world!
Auslan interpreted performance - Thursday, 11 October 12.30pm
Relaxed performance - Friday, 12 October 10am
Wilde Creatures
Come on a fantastic journey through palaces, forests and beyond in this exciting new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales.
Auslan interpreted performance - Tuesday, 10 July 10.30am
Relaxed performance - Saturday, 14 July 10.30am
Yo Diddle Diddle
A hilarious hip hop infused adventure of one cow and her desire to jump over the Moon.
Relaxed performance - Saturday, 13 October 10am
Auslan interpreted performance - Sunday, 14 October 10.30am

How to Book

Please call +61 2 9250 7111 or email

Opera Australia

For more information visit Opera Australia's website.

Don Quichotte 
24 March 1pm | Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Audio Described

4 July 1pm | Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Audio Described

How to Book

Please call 02 9318 8200 or email

Accessible theatre for children with disability

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All About Women

Sunday 4 March 2018

The following sessions still have availability (they are all AUSLAN interpreted). For more information, visit the All About Women page.

AAW: Disability & Intersectionality | AUSLAN | 11:00 | Studio

AAW: Disappearing Islands | AUSLAN | 12:15 | Utzon

AAW: Trans Like Me | AUSLAN | 12:45 | Studio

AAW: Grabbing Back | AUSLAN | 13:00 | Concert Hall

AAW: Suffragettes to Social Media | AUSLAN | 16:00 | Concert Hall


Sydney Theatre Company

Accessible perfomance bookings should be made through Sydney Theatre Company. For more information visit Sydney Theatre Company's website.

The Children
19 May 2pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Audio Described
2 May 1pm; 18 May 8pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Captioned
17 May 8pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Auslan

The Long Forgotten Dream
25 Aug 2pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Audio Described
24 Aug 8pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Captioned
23 Aug 8pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Auslan

Accidental Death of an Anarchist 
20 Oct 2pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Audio Described
10 Oct 1pm; 19 Oct 8pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Captioned
11 Oct 8pm | Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House | Auslan


How to Book

Please call Sydney Theatre Company on +61 2 9250 1777 or email

Additional Information

Captioned Performances

Captions are text descriptions that display a film's dialogue, identify speakers, and describe other relevant sounds that are otherwise inaccessible to people who are deaf or have hearing loss. The areas of the venue where the screens that will show the captions are visible can be booked by selecting the CAPTION seats.

AUSLAN Interpreted Performances 

Experienced AUSLAN theatre interpreters stand to the side of the stage and translate what the actors are saying or singing into AUSLAN. A block of seats is reserved for users of this service to ensure a good view of the interpreter and the stage. The areas of the venue where the interpreters are visible can be booked by selecting the AUSLAN seats.

Accessible Performance and Sing & Play Sessions

Sydney Opera House in partnership with Lifestart organisation and RIDBC offer Accessible Sing & Play sessions. These dedicated performances are designed to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the theatre experience in a supportive, friendly and relaxed environment. The Sing & Play session is offered in the foyer area after the performance and includes a range of fun play activities supported by the Lifestart and the RIDBC team. A supported music program based on the musical themes from the performance is also provided and facilitated by our very own Sing & Play music therapist.

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed performances are open to everyone, but with modifications to sound and lighting to be more suited for children on the autism spectrum, individuals with other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Audio Described Performances

An audio description service is a live commentary of the visual elements of a performance by trained volunteer audio describers for those who are blind or have low vision. Audio description is relayed via a free headset and receiver linked to the FM radio system. This service can be booked by selecting the AUDIO DESCRIBED seats when booking and collecting the headset from the Box Office prior to the performance.

Assisted Listening Devices (FM Radio System)

FM radio system provides improved listening clarity for people with hearing loss who experience difficulty and fatigue, when trying to understand speech, because of distance, reverberation, and distracting background noise. Can be used with or without hearing aids.

Audio input or any electronic sound source feeds into an FM transmitter and the FM radio frequency signal is picked up by the patrons FM receiver. FM receivers and headsets are provided free of charge and can be obtained from the nearest cloakroom prior to the performance.

The FM system is also compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants with a "T" switch via an induction loop provided. When the hearing aid is switched to the 'T' position, the wearer will receive the program sound through the hearing aid. FM Radio Systems are available in all Kids at the House venues.

Thank you

Please join us in thanking our donors to the Opera House’s Accessible Performances program, including the Sydney Opera House Ladies' Committee.

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