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Three news reporters on a broken iceberg floating off to sea

Dimanche Performance & Workshop Physical and Poetic Theatre Artist Masterclass

19 October 2023

Pair your performance of Dimanche with this physical and poetic theatre artist masterclass led by actor and director Sicaire Durieux (Co-director of Compagnie Chaliwaté). This workshop is for professional artists at any stage of their career.

Learn how to create evocative, suggestive and metaphorical images for theatre performance

Join lead artist Sicaire Durieux from the Chaliwaté company, creators of Dimanche, in a masterclass for artists as part of the 50th Birthday celebrations at Sydney Opera House.

In this 2 hour workshop you  will discover the fundamental principles of gestural theatre, the bases specific to the arts of mime and gesture. Through simple exercises, you will approach the musicality of the movement, the precision of the gesture, the triple drawing, the game with the invisible, the fixed point and the mobile point, the different types of movement, but also isolation, and dissociation, rhythm work linked to burlesque acting and metamorphoses.

This initiation is based on the teachings of Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau and Jacques Lecoq.

Chaliwaté embrace a vision of theatre that is poetic, physical, visual and artisanal, playing both with comedy within the tragic. Inspired by daily situations, they look at everyday life to talk about social issues that affect everyone. As such they explore a form of theatre that can easily travel and be embraced around the world.

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