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Everyone’s House Sydney Opera House Strategy 2024–26

The Opera House is a living work of art. A place of possibility and wonder – on and off the stage. We bring people together to be uplifted, empowered and entertained.

Our 50th anniversary, in 2023, was an opportunity to reflect on everything that’s been achieved over those five decades and to think deeply about the challenges ahead.

The resulting three-year strategy draws inspiration from the past while engaging with new and diverse artists and audiences to create a place where everyone feels welcome. It also takes into account how the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped personal and working lives.

We want our people, operations and the building itself to be more resilient, ready for what comes next. That includes embedding sustainability in our thinking and amplifying First Nations voices and culture.

The 2024-26 strategy is divided into four strategic themes:

  • We better understand and connect with the community.
  • Everyone feels welcome here.
  • We are future ready.
  • We lead and inspire positive change.

The simple idea that the Opera House was built to serve the community is at the heart of our ambition to be Everyone’s House.

Download Everyone’s House: Sydney Opera House Strategy 2024-26 (PDF)

Download the E-Text version (PDF)