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First Wave The Blind Sea + Q&A with Matt Formston and Director Daniel Fenech

11 August 2024

In the Playhouse


Australia | 2024 | English | Surf Film

The Blind Sea is an inspirational and breathtaking documentary about Australian World Champion blind surfer, Matt Formston. With only 3% vision, Formston attempts his most dangerous challenge, surfing the monster waves of Nazaré, Portugal.

This special screening is followed by a Q&A with Matt Formston and director Daniel Fenech. 

A celebration of the human spirit.

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50ft Wave. 3% Vision.

Diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy at age five, Matt shares some of his processes that have enabled him to succeed at the highest level - both in and out of the water, despite facing a lifetime of judgment and prejudice. This thought-provoking account explores the remarkable career of arguably the world’s greatest blind surfer.

With only 3% vision remaining, Matt aims to inspire the next generation. With insights from World Champions Layne Beachley AO, Sam Bloom, Joel Parkinson and big wave legends Lucas ‘Chumbo’ Chianca and Dylan Longbottom, the film follows Matt around the world, as he pushes his mettle to the limits and attempts his most fearsome and dangerous challenge yet, breaking the world record for a blind surfer and surfing the monster waves of Nazaré.

Presented by Sydney Opera House and Tracks


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