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WINHANGANHA A new work by award-winning poet and artist Jazz Money

27 June 2024

In the Playhouse


Australia | 2023 | English | Documentary

WINHANGANHA is a lyrical journey of archival footage and sound, poetry and original composition, told through the lens of acclaimed Wiradjuri artist, Jazz Money.

WINHANGANHA (Wiradjuri language: Remember, know, think) – is a lyrical journey of archival footage and sound, poetry and original composition. It is an examination of how archives and the legacies of collection affect First Nations people and wider Australia, told through the lens of acclaimed Wiradjuri artist, Jazz Money. 

Commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), WINHANGANHA was born from a desire to make sense of the archival inheritances that shape our present realities. Across a two-year period working closely with the NFSA collection Jazz sifted through and reflected on the institution's extensive collections of works made by and about First Nations Australian people. 

Through film, television, audio and music recordings collected since the advent of these technologies, the film is a poem in five acts that attempts to acknowledge the horrors, joys and beauties held within the archive. The film questions power and position, story teller and the stories told. The film includes original poetry written and performed by Jazz and an original score by Filipino- Aboriginal rapper and composer DOBBY (Rhyan Clapham).

WINHANGANHA is centred upon the belief that it is our own bodies that are the truest archive of our experience, and that First Nations bodies tell a powerful story of sovereignty and resistance. And while First Nations bodies have been documented, mythologised, degraded, and catalogued and stored within the colonial gaze of archive, these bodies, these people, have danced and sung and marched and are utterly whole, beyond what can be held in these collections. The film asks how we will create new futures through that which we inherit.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following program contains images and voices of people who have died.

Presented by Sydney Opera House and National Film and Sound Archive of Australia


In creating WINHANGANHA, it was important to me that it celebrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protest and resistance, both to material dispossession and also in the creation of film, television and music that centres our experiences. And while protest is the turning point within the film, it is love and joy that is the overall message.

Jazz Money


A Film by Jazz Money

Original Music by DOBBY Licensed by Sony Music Publishing

Executive Producers
Patrick McIntyre
Jacqui Uhlmann
Gayle Lake

Senior Manager, Indigenous
Gillian Moody

Elena Guest

Curatorial Content Consultant
Vick Gwyn

Production Coordinator
Nathan Smith

Ashlinn Harty
Heather Gill

Licensing & Rights Clearance
Anna Yates
Bronwyn Dowdall

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