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Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia Beautiful Mongolia

14 September 2023

In the Concert Hall

Classical Music

Morinkhuur /Horse Head Fiddle/ Ensemble of Mongolia concert to be held for the first time on 14th September 2023 at the Sydney Opera House.

Mongolian MorinKhuur Ensemble Concert

The three creative jewels of Mongolian pastoral nomads are the rising and falling melody of Urtiin Duu (long song), the deep and potent sound of Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle), and the exquisite and spectacular singing of Khoomei (throat singing). The harsh beauty of Mongolia's vast rural landscapes is eloquently captured in them, as is the ethnic character that defines them. With their captivating voices and melodies, the outstanding Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia will transport the listener to the vast and breathtaking Mongolian Plateau as they perform real Mongolian traditional music.

Presented by Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia


Principal ConductorTuvshinsaikhan Delgersaikhan
Morin Khuur  / horse head fiddle (soloist)Jigjiddorj Nanzaddorj
Yatga / zither (soloist) Munkhtogotkh Ochirkhuyag
Khoomei / throat singing (soloist) Ashid Nergui
Singer / long song  Munkhbaatar Bat-Ulzii
Singer  Uyanga Unushikhbayar
Singer / tenor   Gombo-Ochir Byambajav


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