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The Concert of Dragon - Charm Hua Xia

30 July 2024

In the Studio

Classical Music

Master of Erhu Mr Zhu Changyao’s musical art work and performance.

Greatest Chinese musical performance

Erhu master Mr.Zhu Changyao has traveled to dozens of countries and regions around the world and is a outstanding cultural teacher, with his superb performing arts, he has brought Eastern civilisation and China’s excellent traditional music culture to the Berlin Philharmonic Hall and the Vienna Golden Hall, Carnegie Hall in New York, Lincoln Theater, Suntory Hall in Tokyo and more…

On July 30, he will join hands with national-level artists and the world Chinese well-known Australia Hua Xia Orchestra. To present a wonderful “Charm Hua Xia” concert! We are looking forward to……


Erhu Performer and art director: Mr Changyao Zhu

Creative producer: Henry Cao (Yu Lin Cao)

Singer: Christian Haotian Qi

Violin: Xiao Long Jin

Violin: Fox Chan 

Erhu performer: Xiaona Zhu

Suzhou Philharmonic Orchestra

Australia Hua Xia Orchestra

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