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Bringing our stages to your sofa

Michael Caton seated amongst the stalls of an Opera Hosue theatre

Read | Community

New to Stream this May

This month experience our changing world through visionary new perspectives in a collection of video works. Plus an irresistible new episode of Footlights & Booklights featuring The Castle’s Michael Caton and family fave's Teeny Tiny Stevies are back.

Read | Theatre

Stage Direction: The Little Prince

In the first of our new series on page-to-stage adaptations, Neha Kale looks at how Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s poignant tale of a young prince lives on in the 21st century.

Hand touching glass, another hand seen through glass

Stream | Contemporary Art

Returning: Chapter 1

Responding to our collective moment in time, Returning offers succinct mediations on the events, experiences and propositions prompted by the pandemic. This digital contemporary art exhibition is set over multiple chapters, Chapter 1 commissions Australian and Japanese perspectives.

Tea speaking at Opera House event, against timber background

Listen | Talks & Ideas

Ideas at the House: Tea Uglow | Pathology of Identity

Tea Uglow has built her career exploring the space between technology and art, looking for unexpected ways they can interact. Listen to Tea, in conversation with Head of Talks and Ideas Edwina Throsby.

Read | Theatre

It’s hip to be scared: The terrifying timeliness of American Psycho

From shrink wrap to stage lights, one of the most controversial stories of the 20th century has proven to be a mainstay in popular culture.

Stream | Kids & Families

Teeny Tiny Stevies in Big Spaces, On Demand

Little ones, stressed-out parents and folk music fans alike will bond over this exuberant live performance from the ARIA-award-winning ABC kids favourite.

Listen | Playlist

'Music for... tomorrow' by Becca Hatch

Following her performance at Barrabuwari (Tomorrow), Western Sydney singer/songwriter Becca Hatch curates a playlist of artists who represent the future through their own varied expressions. 

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