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Ideas at the House

Live talks from the world’s greatest minds and culture creators

Catch up on events from recent festivals or dive into our rich archive of talks, hosted by Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks & Ideas.

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Latest episodes

The Forgotten Women of Astronomy at All About Women 2020

1 May 2020

Taking a telescope to the night sky and a critical eye to our past, astrophysicist Jo Dunkley explores the universe while unearthing a line of stellar female astronomers who ran the risk of being consigned to the black hole of history.

Azadeh Moaveni at All About Women 2020

17 April 2020

Join Pulitzer nominated journalist, Azadeh Moaveni, as she dissects the stereotype of the ISIS bride. Hosted by Jacqueline Maley.

Finding Your Voice at All About Women 2020

10 April 2020

Sometimes just a few words can change everything, but for many women, speaking up isn't easy. Join these powerhouses who found the courage to call out injustice, and be inspired to find your own voice.  Featuring Clementine Ford and Flex Mami and hosted by Edwina Throsby.

Chanel Miller: Know my Name at All About Women 2020

3 April 2020

Join this inspiring survivor for a triumphant account of how one brave voice can begin to change the system.  Hosted by Edwina Throsby.


My Crime is Journalism at Antidote 2019

27 March 2020

Governments across the globe are cracking down on press freedom. Get to know the courageous journalists who are sacrificing everything to tell the truth. Recorded at Antidote 2019 this episode features Maria Ressa, Lina Attalah, Irina Borogan, Steve Coll and is hosted by Peter Greste.

The Economics of Disability at Antidote 2019

23 March 2020

In a fair society, everybody has what they need - but prejudice against people with disabilities creates barriers to economic independence. Join this necessary panel to learn about what needs to change.  Recorded at Antidote 2019 this episode features Damian Griffis, Samantha Connor, Bruce Bonyhady and is hosted by Jackie Leach Scully.

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