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From Our House to Yours

Bringing our stages to your sofa, our new digital program comes to you weekly from our House to yours.

Digital Season

Tune in weekly from Friday to Sunday for live broadcasts, archival footage, and premieres.

Three people talking on stage, including Chris Wylie, hand in the air, mid-sentence

8pm Friday, October 2nd AEST – Talks & Ideas

Dark Data

Data is being used to influence elections and invade our privacy. Hear whistleblower Christopher Wylie and Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov explain why this is one of the most important issues of our age, as part of Antidote 2019.

Keaton Henson sitting on the ground, leaning against wall, looking contemplative

8pm Saturday, October 3rd AEST – Contemporary Music

Keaton Henson: Six Lethargies + Husk (Live)

Immerse yourself in this unique multi-sensory experience from composer Keaton Henson's 2019 Vivid LIVE performance with a live score aiming to express and explain the feelings of anxiety and depression, plus watch an exclusive new recording of Henson's latest single 'Husk' from his forthcoming album Monument.

Ceremonial fire burning amid circle of people

4pm Sunday, October 4th AEDT – First Nations

The Art of Sovereignty (Premiere)

How are status, diversity and authorship explored by today’s First Nations people? How does it affect the way communities practice and express themselves through art? Join us for this discussion about the effects of modern sovereignty and its articulation through various art forms.


Long reads, interviews, essays, guides

How the Sydney Olympics amplified Indigenous voices on and off the track

Cathy Freeman’s win was a historic triumph, but it wasn't the only watershed moment at the Sydney Olympics. Hear from the Opera House's Rhoda Roberts AO, who played a critical role behind the scenes of the 2000 games.

Keaton Henson leaning forward, half of his face engulfed in shadow, stares at the camera

What does anxiety sound like?

Keaton Henson has always wrestled with the performative expectations of being a musician. We caught up with the folk musician to unpack how his new orchestral work is a materialisation of this struggle.

Animated picture of Chris Wylie, on background of green thumbs down emojis

Cheat Sheet: Christopher Wylie

What don’t they want us to know? And other questions the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie has us asking about our personal data.


Full performance recordings, festival talks, archival footage and more

Saxophonist and drummer performing, bathed in red light

Party Dozen perform 'Play The Truth'

Sydney-based musicians Kirsty Tickle (Exhibitionist) and Jonothan Boulet of the experimental sonic project Party Dozen bring together amplified saxophone, looped guitars and percussion in their track 'Play the Truth' performed on a vacant Drama Theatre stage.

Woman leans over and helps older man sitting down

Art, Music & Dementia

In recognition of Dementia Action Week, we share a first look at our donor-enabled Art, Music & Dementia Pilot Program. See how the power of music and art with the magic of the Opera House can make a difference..

Young girl in lift with lighting designerr, both laughing

Who’s in the Lift? A Lighting Designer

Curious kids step through the giant doors of the scenery lift at the Sydney Opera House and meet a lighting technician as they use different coloured lights to express emotions, and even throw a dance party!

Podcasts & Playlists

Talks, conversations, love lists and inspiring ideas

Female vocalist, hand on chest, facing upwards

'Love List: Classic Choral' by Brett Weymark

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs' Artistic & Music Director Brett Weymark highlights the choral and classical masterpieces that have moved him, and shaped his life and career.

Man (Tim Ross) standing in front of Utzon Room tapestry wearing suit

House Stories: The Tapestries

In a brand new podcast, design enthusiast Tim Ross digs through the archives to unravel the incredible stories behind the tapestries designed for the Sydney Opera House.

Artwork for House Call podcast

House Call

How does the Opera House float on the harbour? Is the Queen the most famous person to have visited? Find out as people from the stage and behind the scenes answer these questions and more from curious minds.

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From Our House to Yours

Bring our stages to your sofa with our new digital program delivered weekly from our House to yours.

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