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Guwanyi Walama tour

Guwanyi Walama: Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point

Digital Tour

Students join our Indigenous tour guides for an interactive exploration of the Indigenous history of Tubowgule (Bennelong Point), the site on which Sydney Opera House sits.

See Term 2 session times below to book for your class.

Suitable for Stages 2 - 3

This event is recommended for Years 3 - 6.

This event is free for Australian schools

All digital programs are free to Australian schools and can be viewed with web based video conferencing systems (Zoom). Terms and conditions apply. Fees apply for all international bookings.

If you are unable to proceed with your booked session, please email us at at least two days prior. Bookers who fail to attend on their booked sessions without providing notice may be barred from further bookings or may be subject to a no-show fee.

For full details, please contact our Creative Learning team at or 02 9250 7770.

This program runs for approximately 45 mins

Schools should be dialed-in 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the session to test camera and microphone. Program duration is a guide only and may be subject to change.

Download the teacher’s resource pack

Our resources are packed with practical, creative activities that will add to your students’ experience. 

Guwanyi Walama: Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Stage 2 & 3 

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Viewing link

The viewing link to connect to this interactive session will be emailed to you in advance.

Please note, you’ll require a working microphone and camera to engage in this live workshop.

Topics for Investigation

  • The Past in the Present
  • Community and Remembrance
  • First Contacts
  • The Australian Colonies
  • Australia as a Nation

Curriculum links




Stage 2                   

Stage 3                  


Develop knowledge and understanding about the nature of history and the key changes and developments from the past

Develop knowledge and understanding about key historical concepts and develop the skills to undertake the process of historical inquiry.




Develop knowledge and understanding of the features and characteristics of places and environments across a range of scales

Develop knowledge and understanding of interactions between people, places and environments




Communicate through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing*



Express themselves and their relationships with others and their world



Learning across the Curriculum

Australian Curriculum General Capabilities

Other General Capabilities

Critical and creative thinking

Ethical understanding

Intercultural understanding


Personal and social capability

Civics and citizenship

Difference and diversity

Work and enterprise

Cross Curriculum priorities

  •  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  •  Sustainability

“A highly engaging, exciting and useable format for learning"

Teacher, Keith Area School, SA

An interactive tour of Tubowgule (Bennelong Point)

This oral history from the Aboriginal perspective will have students imagining this iconic Sydney place from creation time and the ancestral spirits who formed the landscape, to pre-settlement and the arrival of the First Fleet.

Students will learn about the daily life of the clan that inhabited Sydney Cove, the changes that came with the arrival of Governor Phillip and the first settlers, and the fascinating story of the man called Bennelong.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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About our Digital Creative Learning program...

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Frequently Asked Questions - Interactive Programs

What equipment do I need?

All you need is an internet connection, a camera & microphone! Schools can connect through Zoom Conferencing in an internet browser, ideally, it is best for you to do so using a conference-enabled smart board or laptop however there are a lot of different ways to make your setup work so please contact us if you are unsure. 

If you require technical assistance with your video conferencing facilities, contact your school’s tech support or alternatively contact our Creative Learning team at or 02 9250 7770.

How do I book?

Click on the link for your preferred session time. If it is the first time you have used DART Connections you will be required to set up a username and password. 

Please note that DART connections is the booking platform for all of our sessions and you will need to book here even if you are not a NSW or DET school.

Once your booking has been confirmed, our team will be in touch with relevant dial-in details and to address any technical questions you may have.


How can I arrange a test call prior to the session?

Contact our Creative Learning team on 02 9250 7770 or to arrange a test call.

Is Zoom secure? 

Sydney Opera House uses Zoom to deliver its Digital Creative Learning and Creative Leadership in Learning programs. The NSW Department of Education has approved the use of Zoom for all year levels. 

Sydney Opera House maintains an enterprise licence for Zoom and secures its Zoom sessions by using passwords. Zoom protects participants’ privacy by letting them blur out everything in the camera’s field of view, except themselves. Sydney Opera House does not record these sessions through Zoom’s built-in recording feature or through other means except with participants’ consent.

To interact with Sydney Opera House using Zoom you need to either know the password for that specific session, or have the meeting link with the embedded password.


How can I prepare my class for their session?

  1. Check your camera & microphone are working so we can hear your class ok during the session!

  2. To ensure your students get the most out of the experience, a Teachers’ Resource Pack is available for this program. 

We recommend using these resources in advance of your digital excursion.


How many students can I have participate in the one group?

As the program is interactive, we recommend a maximum of 30 students in one classroom for the session.

If you have more than 30 students, please book multiple sessions under each class teacher’s name. If there are no slots available, contact our Creative Learning team at or 02 9250 7770.

How many connections does my booking entitle me to?

Each booking entitles you to one connection (meaning that all students will be joining the call from the one space). If you would like to book for multiple classrooms to attend at one time you will just need to make an additional booking and correctly record the number of students in each group.

What if I need to change or cancel my booking?

Interactive events have just 6 slots available, so if you are unable to proceed with your booked session, please email us at at least two days prior. This gives another school the opportunity to engage in the program.

Bookers who fail to attend on their booked sessions without providing notice may be barred from further bookings or may be subject to a no-show fee.

What if I can't book in for the session I want?

Our interactive workshops have limited spaces (approximately 6 groups)  and do often book out. 

However, it is always a good idea to contact if you can’t book in for your preferred session as sometimes we are able to make rearrangements to fit you in.


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