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UnWrappedTenderby CuriousWorks

6 - 15 September 2024

Western Foyers


An immersive multi-channel film work which seeks to challenge the stigmas, stereotypes, and trappings of "representation" of Western Sydney.

"If tenderness doesn't come to mind when you think of Western Sydney, then you don't truly know it."

Presented in a unique immersive projection environment, Tender is a multi-channel film work from CuriousWorks. Based in Fairfield, in the heart of South West Sydney, CuriousWorks exists at the intersection of contemporary multi-arts practice, and community arts and cultural development.

Tender seeks to challenge the stigmas, stereotypes, and trappings of "representation" of Western Sydney by revealing the nuances and tender side of our communities. Stories are told through four individual but interconnected documentary films by multidisciplinary artists Mohammad Awad (3awadi), Carielyn Tunion, Diamond Tat, and Sharon Mani.

Mohammad Awad debunks the myth that queer and trans people need to leave their Western Sydney homes to find love, joy and intimacy, in Bikes, a documentary music video. 

Carielyn Tunion’s video poem, i am a deepsea fisherwoman, but i do not catch fish, explores the connections of a personal diasporic family story rooted in the archipelago known as 'the Philippines' and Hong Kong.

Diamond Tat’s poetic documentary film, Marrow, is a cinematic ode to womanhood inspired by her and her mother’s immigration experience, capturing both its silent volatility and profound gentleness. 

In Sharon Mani’s work, At The Heart of it, local memories and stories are shared from those who call Western Sydney home.


Mohammad Awad 

Carielyn Tunion
i am a deepsea fisherwoman, but i do not catch fish

Diamond Tat

Sharon Mani
At The Heart of it

"Each of these films welcomes viewers into an intimate exchange of personal narratives, revealing the tenderness in our communities and experiences that are often overlooked by mainstream media. We want those who recognise themselves in these films to feel comfort, joy, and validation; and for those who don’t, to see us for who we are." - CuriousWorks.

This work was produced by CuriousWorks, under the creative and technical direction of Elias Nohra. It was commissioned by Sydney Opera House and supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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