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An ongoing series dedicated to uncovering the best independent creators. UnWrapped hands over the stage and introduces audiences to an eclectic panorama of the finest original performances by groundbreaking and unique local artists.

2024 Program

10 - 11 May 2024 Dance


SILENCE pulls the Treaty conversation out from under the rug and slams it back on the table. Funny, irreverent and reverberating with power, this is contemporary dance as you haven’t seen it before. See this compelling work as part of UnWrapped at Sydney Opera House.


28 - 31 Aug 2024 Theatre

UnWrapped Class Act

In Class Act, working class unfortunate Mish Grigor tells the story of a grotesque world of class and social mobility straight from her dirty mouth. Part of UnWrapped at Sydney Opera House.

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Listen to the revolution: Disrupting the 250+ year silence

As part of UnWrapped 2024, an ongoing series of works by outstanding independent creators, we’re excited to welcome SILENCE to our iconic venue. SILENCE is a powerful contemporary dance work from Karul Projects. The work disrupts a 250+ year silence, ushering in an urgent call for TREATY. 

Green Room Music - Three Marys (2023)

Available worldwide from 24 Sep 2023 to 24 Sep 2028
An international collaboration by award-winning artists composer Andrée Greenwell and librettist Christine Evans, this fully staged chamber opera melds music, myth and imagination in an intergenerational story of women who must flee for their lives. (Premiere)

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Finding Our Voice | William Barton: Connection (2022)

Staged as part of our UnWrapped series in 2022, William Barton’s Connection sees Barton collaborate with exceptional colleagues Simon Barker and Scott Tinkler, alongside other new works featuring Veronique Serret and Chloe Kim to create an ambitious new musical composition.

Side By Side - Angela Goh & Corin (2021)

Dancer Angela Goh and composer/musician Corin talk about their collaboration on new work Sky Blue Mythic that premiered at Sydney Opera House. Sky Blue Mythic is a haunting, mesmerising solo dance work by one of Australia’s most daring choreographers and captivating performers, Angela Goh. This strikingly precise performance is charged with time warping and viscerally impactful musical compositions performed live by Corin Ileto.

Steven Oliver - Bigger & Blacker (2021)

Available worldwide from 9 Oct 2023 until 9 Oct 2025
Steven Oliver from ABC’s hit television series 'Black Comedy' is joined on-stage with musician Michael Griffiths for the critically acclaimed comedy cabaret 'Bigger & Blacker', recorded in the Studio in 2021.

Serwah Attafuah x Soft Centre | Apotheosis (2021)

A real-time motion capture performance, in which movement artist Lydia Kivela explores a hyper-real 3D environment created by Serwah Attafuah, accompanied by an original score, performed live, by ptwiggs. Inspired by the glaring neon ambience of Spring Breakers and cyberpunk, Apotheosis ushers audiences through a hallucinogenic dreamscape populated by demons, abandoned Western Sydney landmarks and NPC doomers.

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Omelia | R+J RMX (2021)

Technology is now sophisticated enough to write poetry and enter into intelligent dialogue with humans - but what is the role of machines in the creative process? Masters, servants, or just a different set of tools? R+J RMX is a performance work that was developed using Omelia, a revolutionary new technology that enhances collaboration and creativity in story development.

UnWrapped: Dances for Now | From Our House To Yours (2020)

Explore the contemporary dance works of five Sydney choreographers. On the Joan Sutherland Theatre stage, each artist dances their own choreography, responding to a soundtrack that has inspired them to reflect on this moment, its challenges and transformative possibilities.