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EPBC Act Approval

Australia is a signatory to the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (the Convention) in relation to World Heritage-listed sites, including the Opera House. The relevant Commonwealth environment agency represents the Australian Government in all matters relating to the Convention. It liaises with the World Heritage Centre (which acts as Secretariat to the World Heritage Committee) to ensure Australia fulfils its obligations. Obligations arising from this listing include periodic reporting. Refer to Section 4.20.10 World Heritage Listing.

The EPBC Act is the legislative mechanism underpinning this framework. The Opera House is a matter of national environmental significance under the EPBC Act by virtue of its status as a World Heritage property and National Heritage place (Part 3). As such, a proposed action that potentially will have a ‘significant impact’ on the Opera House requires referral and may require assessment under the EPBC Act. (Respecting the Vision: Sydney Opera House – a Conservation Management Plan, Fourth Edition, 2017).

The Joan Sutherland Theatre SAVE, Entry and Foyers and Function Centre projects received EPBC approval on 20 June 2017. In accordance with this approval, the Sydney Opera House prepares annual compliance reports which are available here.

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