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Our policies are listed below:

Acceptable Technology Use and Surveillance Policy

This policy sets out staff responsibilities when dealing with Opera House information and technology and describes how the Opera House monitors and enforces acceptable information and technology use.

Access to Information Policy

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (the GIPA Act) applies to all NSW government agencies, including the Opera House, and aims to maintain and advance a system of responsible and representative government that is open, accountable, fair and effective.

Artworks Management Policy

Sydney Opera House will not acquire artworks on any permanent basis either through purchase or as a gift or part of a sponsorship. 

Asset Management Policy

Sydney Opera House Trust is committed to the management and maintenance of Sydney Opera House’s physical assets to enable the site to be a place for presentation, meeting and experiences. 

Camera and Access Surveillance Policy

Sydney Opera House uses camera and access surveillance systems to support its duty to provide a safe and secure environment.

Child Protection

Sydney Opera House has a comprehensive Child Protection Policy outlining the framework for managing and reducing risk of harm to children while on Sydney Opera House premises. 

Code of Conduct

The Sydney Opera House continues to uphold a strong Code of Conduct.

Commitment to our Customers

We will be known for exceptional service by everyone who visits Sydney Opera House and by everyone who works here. 

Community Donations Policy

The Opera House receives numerous requests each year from Not-for-profit organisations for support and to undertake collections onsite. 

Corporate Cards Policy

The Opera House uses corporate cards to purchase high-volume, low-value goods. Corporate cards provide an efficient payment process for business-related expenses.

Credit Control and Debtor Management

The provision of credit to customers is a standard business practice.

Customer Feedback

Sydney Opera House wants to provide an outstanding and enjoyable experience for all customers. 

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Sydney Opera House is committed to Environmental Sustainability. 

Event Support Policy

Sydney Opera House regularly receives requests from a range of community and charitable organisations for support to enable them to hold their events at the Sydney Opera House. 

Fitness for Duty Policy

Safety is our greatest responsibility and our workplace and environment must be safe and healthy for everyone. Ensuring that Opera House employees are fit for duty helps us to achieve this objective. This policy describes when, how and why the Opera House will assess potential and current employees’ fitness for duty and what outcomes there may be.

Grand Organ Access

The Grand Organ in the Concert Hall is the largest known mechanical-action pipe organ in the world with over 10,200 pipes. In order to protect this unique instrument Sydney Opera House has established a policy prescribing access to the Organ. 

Gifts and Benefits

It is important that Sydney Opera House staff not only work and act with integrity and impartiality but also are seen to do so. This is consistent with our core shared values. 

Illumination of the Sails

Sydney Opera House is committed to protecting the integrity and significance of the Sails, including any illumination of the Sails.

Information Classification Policy

As a NSW Government agency the Opera House must apply protective markings to information assets in accordance with Commonwealth and NSW Government requirements. This Policy explains how information assets must be treated according to these requirements.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy

The Opera House creates and manages information assets, including personal and health information and State Records. Keeping these assets secure is vital to our operations, and our reputation. This Policy describes how the Opera House will establish, implement, maintain and continually improve its Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its digital information and systems.

Lost and Found Property

Sydney Opera House has procedures in place for the management of all lost property on site. 

Movement of Vehicles on Site

It is recognised that at various times there is the need to move vehicles off roads, to areas normally used for pedestrian traffic or as work areas. 

People with Disabilities and Older People

Sydney Opera House supports the right of people with disabilities and older people to be fully involved in community life and the cultural life of Sydney. 

Permission to Film at Sydney Opera House

All requests to film on site must gain prior approval from Sydney Opera House.  

Procurement Policy

The Sydney Opera House has a strong Procurement Policy. 

Customer Privacy Statement

The Sydney Opera House is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals by ensuring that the collection, use and disclosure of personal information are undertaken within the framework of the relevant privacy legislation. 

Also see, Privacy Managment Policy and Plan

Public Interest Disclosures

Sydney Opera House is committed to ensuring staff who disclose information about corrupt conduct, maladministration, serious and substantial waste or government information contravention are able to do so without fear of personal loss of harassment. 

Records Management Policy

The Records Management Policy establishes the framework and accountabilities for recordkeeping within the Sydney Opera House.

Risk Management Policy

This policy outlines the risk management framework (Framework) used by the Opera House to identify and manage risks and opportunities, in order to achieve our strategic objectives. 

Smoke-free Environment and Alcohol and Other Drugs

To find out more about Sydney Opera House's Smoke-Free Environment and Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies, click above.


Sponsorship, in the form of cash and/or goods and services in kind, is core to assisting us in achieving our business objectives. 

Strategic Asset Maintenace (SAM) Policy

This policy applies to the allocation of SAM funding for the maintenance of all physical, non-current assets owned or controlled by the Sydney Opera House Trust (the Board). 

WHS Policy statement

At Sydney Opera House we believe that a safe work place is essential for the well being of our people and our organisation.  We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for everyone who works at or visits Sydney Opera House.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Sydney Opera House is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where each individual is treated with respect and dignity and can work free of any fear of bullying or harassment.

Work Related Grievances

Click above to download the Sydney Opera House Work Related Grievances Policy.

Annual Reports

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