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News – Peter Weiss Rehearsal Rooms

Peter Weiss AO, one of our most generous and loyal major donors, is helping us to renew the Opera House for the 21st century. 

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Your gift treasures and renews the Opera House

Since opening its doors in 1973, the Opera House has transformed Australia and inspired visitors from around the world. Four decades on, your gift is essential to make sure this magnificent building continues to inspire new generations of artists, audiences and visitors and meets the challenges of the 21st-century.  

Your gift today helps improve access to the building, opens new areas to the public, replaces technology and machinery and ensures the Opera House is equipped to welcome as many people in as many ways possible.

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Accessible Babies' Proms. Image: Daniel Boud

Your gift opens the Opera House to everyone in the community

The Opera House belongs to us all. Everyone should be able to have an Opera House experience, no matter what circumstances they face in life.

Your gift today helps to provide performances for people with disability; discounted tickets for disadvantaged students and families; training and work experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; and to make sure students in remote and regional Australia can experience the Opera House through our unique interactive digital programs.

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Your gift transforms lives through the power of the performing arts

The performing arts are the beating heart of the Opera House. More than 1.5 million people each year are inspired by the power of an Opera House performance, from the classics to contemporary music, dance and theatre; and through innovative programming in talks and ideas, creative learning and Indigenous performance.

Your gift today means everyone can have their own experience of the performing arts.

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Sylvie Guillem at the Opera House, 2014 Image: Prudence Upton